Work Permit in Turkey

Turkish laws and regulations regarding visitors who want to extend their stay in Turkey for more than the period stated in their visa state that:

Foreigners who want to stay in Turkey for more than the period allowed in their visa or more 90 days should ge a Resident Permit.

Tourist resident permit is the best choice for those who want to stay for a short time like one or two years. It is usually used by those who come to Turkey to study the market or to have a long vacation.

What is the work permit, what are its benefits, how can I get it?

Turkish work permit which is called investor’s resident permit can be obtained if you are a partner or an employee in a commercial company in Turkey.
To obtain it you should first obtain a Turkish tourist resident permit and get a Turkish foreigner’s national number starting with “99” or a reference number from a Turkish embassy.

  1. You will get legal residency in Turkey and enjoy social and health insurance for you and all your family members.
  2. You will have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship after five years.
  3. It will improve your chances to get the Schengen visa.
  4. Syrian citizens who have resident work permits may apply for Turkish citizenship in less than five years.
Application procedures work permit in Turkey

Application procedure for work permit (Investor’s resident permit) is completely different than the application procedure for tourist resident permit as it does not require the personal presence of the applicant for an interview.
The application for work permit is done through the agency given to the accountant (if our company is not your legal agent in Turkey regarding financial accounting this requires giving a legal agency from the company’s directors to Sama Turk’s financial accounting team). The applicant can also apply personally, however, he will have to be completely knowledgeable about Turkish laws and regulations and fluent in the Turkish language before he/she can apply.

FAQ about work permit

– Should the company employ five Turkish citizens to get work permit?
Employment of five Turkish residents is not required at the time of applying for the first time, however, when you apply to renew your permit you will have to provide a document showing that you have more than five Turkish employees who has been with you for more than six months. (Syrian citizens are exempted from this)

– Is there a minimum capital for the company wishing to apply for work permit?
The minimum capital for companies with one partner is 100.000 Liras. If the company has more than one partner, then, each partner’s share will need to be not less than 50.000 Liras.

– Is it possible to get tourist resident permit and work permit together?
You will not be able to renew your tourist resident permit as soon as you get the work permit in Turkey because the Turkish law does not allow foreigners to have multiple residency permits. However, you can still get a tourist resident permit if you do not want to renew your work permit. In this case you will have to cancel your work permit and apply for tourist resident permit within 10 days of cancellation.

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