Health Insurance:

Health insurance is the type of insurance related to health risks. It and includes the costs of examination, diagnosis and treatment; as well as the prevention or reduction of diseases and health problems.

The philosophy of health insurance is based on the principle of grouping the risks that affect society or individuals and sharing them equally among the insured by collecting the funds needed to treat these diseases or injuries and distributing them to the individuals according to their need for treatment. This ensures that the health care reaches all the needy against a steady and easy to afford amount of money paid by all individuals involved in insurance.

In order to obtain a residence permit in Turkey, the applicant must obtain a valid health insurance for at least one year from an insurance company accredited in Turkey. No residence permit can be obtained from the Turkish Immigration Directorate without health insurance.

Health insurance elements:

The first party is an insurance institution, which may be government such as the Ministry of Health or private health insurance company.

The second party is the beneficiary. The beneficiary might be an individual as in the health insurance for tourist residence, or a family as in the insurance for work residence permit.

The contract explains the amount of insurance “installment”, which may be monthly fixed in addition to an extra payment of a percentage of the costs of the medical procedure when it occurs, such as a payment of 10% of the doctor’s examination fees, or 5% of hospital fees.

Nature of the insurance coverage. This element explains the diseases and medical treatments covered by the insurance. Some insurance companies, for example, refuse to cover sight correction procedures and consider them as cosmetic procedure; this also applies to orthodontic treatments.

The health care provider. This may be governmental institutions such as the centers and hospitals of the Ministry of Health, or private health institutions such as private hospitals depending on the contract signed between the parties. For example, the health insurance contract may require treatment only in public hospitals and may not cover treatment in private sector.

Problems facing health insurance (low value):

  1. The decline in health insurance levels.
  2. Does not include all diseases.
  3. Not acceptable in all hospitals.

Required documents:

  1. A copy of the passport must be valid for 6 months.
  2. A detailed residence address in Turkey.

Sema Turk offers you the best options for all types of insurance including:

Health insurance for individuals:

We deal with a distinguished and leading group of insurance companies which covers all your health needs with discounts up to 60% on the costs of examinations and operations and ambulance in hospitals.

Compulsory and comprehensive transport vehicles insurance:

This type of insurance is meant to protect the parties from any damage when traffic accidents occur. It is one of the most important types of insurance when you buy or rent a car.

Insurance against earthquakes and disasters (DASK):

In addition to real estate insurance, travel insurance, work insurance in factories and companies, and the most recent type of insurance “unemployment insurance”.

Travel insurance:

Is a necessary insurance if you wish to travel to any country outside of Turkey and is a requirement of the visa.
It is important because the traveler is in a strange country, and the insurance helps him cover his health condition if he needs it.

Social Insurance (SGK):

SGK is for people with work residence permit. Its coverage is higher than the private health insurance for holders of normal residence permits. The most important feature of this insurance is that the family can take full advantage of it, in addition to the social insurance that the individual can obtain after reaching a certain number of working days.


– What is the difference between compulsory “Trafic” insurance and comprehensive insurance coverage?
Compulsory insurance is a binding on the car owner to do and it covers repairing the damage to the injured party only from the accident.
While comprehensive insurance covers all damage that can be caused by fire, theft… and is not binding.

– What papers are required to obtain health insurance?
A copy of the passport must be valid for 6 months detailed address of your place of residence in Turkey

– What are the hospitals and clinics in Turkey in which the holder can benefit from insurance?
A copy of the passport must be valid for 6 months detailed address of your place of residence in Turkey

– What are the hospitals and clinics in Turkey in which the holder can benefit from insurance?
If you receive your insurance from our company, you will get a list of the hospitals to be treated and you will get your insurance card which you can show in the hospital when needed.

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