We share more than five years of experience in the Turkish market with our clients. We are always following everything new in the market and provide it to our clients in the optimal manner.

We have satisfied more than ten thousand foreign citizen in Turkey and hundreds of companies. Our clients are attracted by our optimal solutions and the precision, quality and speed of our services. Sema Turk was able to create a wide network of references both inside Turkey and overseas due to the high quality of the services it provides to foreigners in general and Arabs in particular.

Our offices are located in Al Fateh district and our team of highly trained professionals is ready to serve you from Monday to Saturday to provide individual and corporate legal consulting services.

Individual Services:

Legal residence permits:

We help you obtain all types of residence permits; tourist, study, work, family, and property residence permits, and we give you the optimal advice about how to apply and obtain the resident permit. We also provide all complimentary services required for the application as a separate or part of the application assistance service. Services include health insurance, document translation and certification, facilitation of getting documents related to accommodation… etc. We are also glad to provide our services to VIPs. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact our team directly.


We provide all types of insurance services. This includes:

  1. Health insurance for individuals used in the visa application and for medical treatment in Turkish hospitals.
  2. Earthquake insurance related to your property.
  3. Car insurance for your vehicles both mandatory (traffic Insurance) and the non-compulsory (Kasko) insurance.
Civil registry transactions:

We help couples process their marriage certificate attestation and documentation applications in the civil record within one month to protect the rights of the partners and their future children born in Turkey. To do this you need to obtain an individual civil record or a Bachelor Certificate from the city were you are registered in order to document your marriage in the civil registry and obtain an official Turkish marriage certificate and family book.

Corporate services:

Enterprise establishment:

Following the Turkish FDI attraction law that guarantees reciprocity we facilitate the establishment of your business entity in Turkey with the most competitive manner in terms of cost and time.

Sema Turk will also provide you the best advice about investment in Turkey to make sure that your investment meets your expectations for whatever capital. With more than five years of experience; Sema Turk is your real eye in the Turkish market.

We establish all forms of businesses including Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability, and Joint Stock enterprises. You can contact us directly to discuss whatever investment idea you have in the Turkish market and inquire about establishment procedures.

Work residence permit:

We help you acquire the right to work in Turkey as an enterprise owner or employee. We assist and guide you through the process of obtaining the work permit from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security which gives you the following advantages:

  1. Treatment at the expense of the state in all state hospitals.
  2. Benefit from the pension after the age of sixty.
  3. To acquire Turkish citizenship after the fifth year.
  4. Children have the opportunity to enter Turkish schools free of charge.
  5. To take advantage of the powers provided by the Turkish government to the owners of work permits.

From here, in accordance with the experience of Sama Turk team, we advise you to invest your presence in Turkey by obtaining a work visa, and the first step is to communicate with our team directly.


We provide all kinds of accounting services for your company based in Turkey, whether under incorporation or in the market for a while. Our services are provided by a group of Turkish financial advisors who deal with all your tax and financial documents in the Turkish state departments. We guarantee you safety and credibility in clearing your company taxes and following up your financial files following your advise.

For more details and to answer your inquiries, please visit the company’s headquarters in Istanbul / Fatih / Watan Street.. Or call us on the number:
+90 552 255 5215

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